Jurassic Ant Farms

Scientists in China recently found a dinosaur tail preserved in a piece of amber. It was at an amber market (because that’s a thing) in Myanmar and destined to be sold as a novelty item. The tail was less than 1.5 inches long but had well-preserved feathers and since feathers rarely survive millions of years intact, this tail gives scientists an awesome opportunity to study the structure of dinosaur feathers.

For those who aren’t caught up on current paleontology, it is now widely accepted by the scientific community that some, if not all, dinosaurs had feathers. That’s right. Feathers. So the dinosaur terrorizing your hometown in that recurring nightmare you’ve had since you were five, should look more like a giant chicken than the scaly Godzilla you’re imagining. Hopefully that knowledge eases your mind so you can stop paying for those weekly therapy visits where you get asked over and over about your relationship with your mother. No need to thank me.

Findings from the study of this dinosaur tail were released in the December issue of Current Biology. They’re very interesting, but I say people are missing the most important part of this whole thing. Look at the pictures of the amber. In addition to the feathered tail, there are also at least a couple of fully-preserved, prehistoric…ants!

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Hear ye! Hear ye!

I present you with that which everyone has been anxiously awaiting: a new blog by a millennial, recent college graduate who has opinions and feels the need to share them! Exciting stuff. I know.

In this first post I think custom dictates that I say why I’m doing this and how my views are unique and how I have all these great life experiences yada yada. Don’t worry. I won’t do that to you, my soon to be loyal reader. If you want to know more about me, I invite you to read my About Me page. This post is strictly a hello so thanks for reading- even if you’re the Bizarro Derek and are merely reading to find the information you need to destroy me. As thanks, I’ll share a fun fact…

Did you know the average person produces up to eight cups of saliva each day? Yes, ew. So why don’t people walk around with saliva just dripping from their mouths? Most of it is swallowed and reabsorbed by the body, which means that you basically spend the whole day slobbering all over yourself and then eating it. Gross.